Support Local Businesses in Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd

Announcing Our 2022 Winners

Over the festive season, Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd Chambers of Commerce combined forces and collected your local purchase receipts for chances to win over $6,000 worth of prizes from our local businesses!

Watch the 2022 Winners Announcement!

Tumbler Ridge Winners:

$1000 Outdoor Gift Package from Ridge Power Sports and Marine

Leila Duseault

Ridge Powersports and Marine has found the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce a huge help in our business since the first day we joined. We opened during the start of a pandemic and Jerrilyn went out of the way to throw us a very successful grand opening. Since then she has helped us get grants, included us in countless shop local campaigns, and really helped us keep going. We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of the Chamber. It is an asset this town's businesses need to succeed.  Thank you to the Government of Canada and BC Chamber for their support for the Shop Local Campaign.

Ridge Powersports and Marine Management

$400 from Home Hardware

Shane Taylor
Sandra ByZitter

Owners Dean and Jan Turner moved into Tumbler Ridge in 2003. They originally set up downtown and moved to their current location in 2008. We are lucky to have Dean and Jan and their two boys in our community. They are generous supporters of minor sports teams and many activities in the community.  We’d like to say thanks to the Government of Canada and the B.C. Chamber for the funds provided to promote shopping locally. It can be difficult to remind your customer that you’re here for them. The advertising costs to do that are expensive. To have the support of this type of program, that will offer an incentive and alleviate some of the costs is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Tumbler Ridge Home Hardware - Management Team

5X $100 Gift Cards from Western Steakhouse by 242 Brew

Alex Haynes
Denise Botha
D. Rushlow
N Matthews
Linda Muise

$500 Gift Card from JCS Carpentry

Heather McLennon

Harvest Lifestyles $175 Towards Pal Registration

Deanna Walsh
RaeAnne Steele

$500 Gift from Kaila’s Hair Studio

Don Blunden

Jerrilyn and the Chamber have been a great asset to my business. She has brought me more business, keeping me afloat during the pandemic. Included me in some awesome shop local programs, and really put in a great effort to make my business succeed. I appreciate everything the chamber has done, and will continue to do for me in the future. Thank you to the BC Government for supply grants to small communities like Tumbler Ridge and their Chamber of Commerce businesses. The grant that was received this winter made a huge impact on my business this year, which is amazing for a business that has been struggling during the pandemic. It was greatly appreciated. Please continue to do so in the future to keep the backbone of Canada, the small businesses, afloat.

$500 Gift Card from Oak And Pearl

Kaila Pinkston Pack

Charmed Creations Gift

Aaron Lemmon

$200 from Hickory Lane

Sheri Paxton

Pretty Little Things

Amanda Ojen

I'd like to take the time to thank the Government of Canada and the BC Chamber for giving our local businesses the opportunity to participate in the amazing Shop Local Campaign. When things like this are done it not only puts a smile on the "winners" faces, but it puts a smile on our (the business owners) faces too. Supporting local is such a huge deal in our small community and it doesn't go unnoticed. By supporting local, you are helping someone pay a bill or buy groceries and that's exactly what this campaign did for me. So thank you!

Jen Nicholas - Pretty Little Things

Watkins Baskets

Rob Hampton

We would like to thank  BC Chamber and Government  of Canada for supporting our Shop Local Campaign.  The money used to support not only allows us to be active in our businesses and communities, it also allows our prize winners/participants to be active and look forward to such events in our local communities and learn what there is to offer locally and enriches the values of communities working to help and support one another. BC Chamber, Tumbler Ridge Chamber and Government of Canada again we thank you for your support.

Kim Greenwell and Glen McGregor, Independent Watkins Consultants

Kaila’s Tupperware

Bailey Stevenson

Sheena’s Tanning

Frank Smith

Thank you to the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Canada for the funds and opportunity you have provided for me and my family in supporting my small home based business called Sheena’s Tanning and giving me the opportunity to be part of this. These are unique times and small business is struggling. It is important that we all came together to support and be apart of Shop Local Champaign. As we all know and come to appreciate that every bit counts from marketing to advertising and funds. I thank you!!!!

C Ball Exposed

Stacey Fowlow

Zen Room


Monkman Creations' Signs

Stan Thiessen

Gemma’s Prize

Rae Trudeau

Mila Lansdown - Coaching and Consulting Prize

Joan Zimmer

"With much appreciation I want to express my gratitude to the Government of Canada and the BC Chamber of Commerce for the financial support to our community to host the Shop Local Campaign in support of the local small business and out Tumbler Ridge residents."

Mila Lansdowne

Tumbler RidgeLines

"Dear Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to thank you (and by extension the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Canada) for running the shop local campaign. I was able to provide additional employment for my part time contractor, as well as hire two youth to do a few hours of work. As well, the amount of advertising generated during one issue was more than I generated for the first three months of 2021, which goes a long way towards providing stability for the paper and for my family as we are still dealing with the fall-out from Covid. It also allowed people who historically haven’t been able to afford to advertise their businesses to promote their business in the paper."

Trent Ernst, Publisher

Chetwynd Winners:

Prizes totalling over $6,000 were won from these local businesses:


Valley Pure Water


Red Apple

The Pencil Box

Little Prairie Pharmacy

A&W Chetwynd



Your Dollar Store with More

Gerry’s Freshmart

Home Hardware

Crazy Beanz Bistro

Chetwynd Veterinary Clinic

Zen Lashes

Cat Shack

Liana’s Hair Design

Inner Sage

Pineapple Esthetics

Northwind Supplies

Dragon Palace

Orchids & Moonlight Holistic

Lonestar Sports

Rein In Tack

The Pine Inn Restaurant

Oralynne’s Hair Studio

Nettie’s Nail Salon and Craft Korner

Rupert Seafood

BJs Furniture and Feed

Chetwynd Visitor Centre


Cardinal Telecom


Tim Hortons

Edo Japan


Elysian Salon

Link’s Pub

AB Craft Supplies

Johnson Autobody

A huge thank you for making this program possible goes to: